Mulching is really important for taking care of your lawn and garden, but a lot of people forget about it. Some people think that mulching is only for making your garden look nice, but it actually does a lot more than that. Mulch acts like a protective barrier for your plants, keeping them safe from things that can hurt them. It also stops bugs and animals like moles from messing up your garden by making tunnels and mounds.

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Types of Mulch:

  • Pine Bark -This type of mulch is really popular right now. It’s perfect for putting under potted plants, small trees, and bushes. The good thing is that pine bark mulch doesn’t get tangled up, so you don’t have to rake it as much.
  • ADA Mulch -Wood chip mulch is made from natural wood that’s totally clean. It creates a safe surface that’s wheelchair friendly, helps soften the ground for potential falls, and it lasts a long time.
  • Dyed Hardwood Mulch -When compared to natural mulches, dyed mulches decompose at a slower rate. They also retain their original color for a longer time and don’t fade or lighten as quickly as natural wood mulches.
  • Natural Hardwood Mulch -This tough mulch gets more compressed as time goes by, which makes it less likely to be blown or washed away. That’s why hardwood mulch is perfect for gardens and beds on slopes, especially in wet areas.
  • Pine Straw -Pine straw is an all-natural mulch used for landscaping and gardening. It looks nice, breaks down gradually, is not easily compacted, and can be easily handled.

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